Budget Gorilla Trekking Congo


Contact the best tour companies in Congo and the nearby East African countries such as; Uganda and Rwanda, to organize for you every sort of safari you may want either a budget or luxury safari and it will be provided to you immediately. Some of the recommendable tour companies to choose from as you are planning to go for a gorilla safari in Congo include; Congo Parks, Eco Tours Congo, Eco Tours Rwanda and Eco Tours Uganda, among other companies.

For a budget gorilla trekking safari, Congo is indeed a perfect country that you should go in because whether you will go for a mountain gorilla trekking safari or low-land gorillas trekking safari, you will buy the permit at a lowest price as compared to the other gorilla trekking countries, especially those with mountain gorillas.

A mountain gorilla trekking permit is for only US$ 400, which is a very little price to Uganda’s US$ 600 and Rwanda’s US$ 1500 gorilla trekking permits. Any of the above tour agencies that you will have chose from will organize for your budget gorilla trekking safari in Congo thoroughly well and it will be in place to tell you the most affordable things that you will be using while in Congo. The agency will provide you with the affordable safari vehicles that you will use on your budget gorilla trekking safari in Congo such as super customs, safari vans and others.

There are many good budget accommodations in Virunga National Park (home to mountain gorillas in Congo) that the agency will have to book for you one. Some of the good budget accommodations in the park include; Bukima tented camp, Kibumba tented camp, and Lulimbi tented camp, among others. The agency will guide you on how to get a cheaper trip for gorilla trekking in Congo for example: Travel in the group and save money, as a best gorilla tracking tours it’s easy when you travel in the group of 4 people to 6 people or family is manageable because the costs goes down and also much more fun.

When traveling in the group the price goes down by 40% to 50% per person and this is because you share the costs and most of the things like hotel rooms, car fuel and many other things while on the safari. Therefore, traveling in the group will help you save your money while you are getting much fun with the colleagues in Virunga National Park getting a lifetime experience of gorilla trekking. Whatever your budget is, your tour agency will ensure that you still get to enjoy a comfortable experience.

Budget gorilla trekking in Congo is often wrongly understood to come with poor or non sufficient facilities which is very wrong and fully depends on the kind of the tour agency you choose to take care of your gorilla trekking experience. If you choose to use one of the above mentioned agencies (Congo Parks, Eco Tours Congo and others), you will be offered exceptional advice and the agency will ensure that you get true value for your money. Your chosen agency will organize for you satisfying budget gorilla trekking experiences equivalent to that of mid-range and some will reserve low quality facilities for you.

Whether taking on a budget gorilla safari or luxury experience, the above agencies provide 4X4 safari vehicles with professional driver-guides with excellent communication, experienced and knowledgeable beyond Gorilla trekking, and thus you will learn more about the communities and the nature as well.


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